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Precision Healthcare Consulting

Professional Services Web Design

Company Overview

Precision Healthcare Consulting, LLC enhances healthcare organizations through evidence-based management under Dr. Casey Orton's leadership. With decades of experience, PHC guides entities toward improved results.

Leadership and Coaching

Dr. Casey Orton's 30+ years in equestrian pursuits shape her leadership approach. She parallels equestrian and leadership coaching, valuing feedback and nurturing growth through strategic connections. Dr. Orton customizes each approach by blending equestrian wisdom, leadership, and academic training. Feedback-driven growth and mentoring healthcare leaders define her dedication.

Dr. Orton's talks span quality improvement, diversity, and inclusion in healthcare. She underscores microaggressions, imposter phenomenon, mentorship, and sponsorship as vital themes.

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Web Design Project Details

We designed a website for Precision Healthcare Consulting. The website is mobile-friendly, with a responsive web design. We also provide web hosting and domain registration services.

Web Design Services:

  • Website Design
  • Web Hosting
  • Responsive Web Design

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