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Feller Cattle Co.

Agricultural, Farm, and Ranch Web Design

Company Overview

Feller & CO, located in Wisner, Nebraska, is a fifth-generation family-owned operation specializing in cattle feeding and ranching. Established in 1985 by Tom Feller, with support from his father, Doug, and uncle Bob, Feller Cattle Company has deep roots in the cattle feeding industry dating back to the early 20th century.

Their comprehensive services include:

  1. Cattle & Feed Financing
  2. Turn-Key Financing
  3. Hedging Strategies

Situated in the heart of Cuming County, Wisner, Nebraska, Feller Cattle Company embodies the philosophy that the cattle feeding business is all about mutual investment. Tom Feller aptly expresses this sentiment: "The business of cattle feeding is about investing in each other." Their success in beef production is built upon fostering strong partnerships between cattle feeders and producers, recognizing the interdependence of the two. Feller Cattle Company is dedicated to nurturing these relationships through their commitment to finishing high-quality cattle.

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We provided web design and web hosting, and email services to Feller Cattle Co.

Web Design Services:

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